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Gordon and Denise

There were a few configurations of the Valiant 32.  Some had wheel steering. Most were tiller.  I believe most had a quarter berth.  Ours has a very large locker in that place.  The earlier V32's were made with a fire retardent resin that later blistered.  These are not your typical osmotic blisters. These things grow in the middle of the laminate.  However, they have never been known to cause structural weakness.  Ours is a blister boat, but, because it has spent it's life mostly in cooler climate, the blisters are small.  

The Valiant 32 is built tough.  It has the same scantlings as the V40. It has a decent beam, and full sections in the middle, therefore is fairly stiff under sail.  The V40 (and V32 build at almost the same time) essentially created the 'performance cruiser' class of boats.  It has a moderatly long fin keel, and a detached skeg to protect the rudder.    Great little boat.

  • Mansfield, a Valiant 32 from Madison,Wi
  • Mansfield, a Valiant 32 from Madison,Wi
  • Mansfield, a Valiant 32 from Madison,Wi

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Talaria, a Vancouver 42 from Portland, OR

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Gwynpennon, a Southern Cross 31 from Vinalhaven, ME

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