Recent Site Upgrades

10/04/2019 Fixed Metadata

Fixed the Open Graph metadata to make sharing on Facebook easier.

09/14/2019 Tailored Affiliate Advertising

We have set up a new advertisement in the right sidebar with links to products and merchants that we are affiliates for. When you shop through these links, we earn a small commission. We greatly appreciate it when you use the affilliate links. The money helps run the site and gets us a sundowner now and then, if we are lucky. Thanks!

09/13/2019 New Logo

We have a new logo design! You can see it on the right side of the header. And in a week or so, you should be able to order t-shirts and other merch featuring the logo.

09/12/2019 Added Site Upgrades Page

Added this page to provide updates on upgrades and additions to

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Breezy, a Valiant 42 from Charlottesville, VA

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Gypsy Rose, a Union 36 from Rockland, ME

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