Seaforth 24

Capson Marine/Precision Boat Works
Construction type: 
Hull type: 
Long keel w/trans. hung rudder
Rig type: 
Masthead Sloop
1977 to present
24.00' (7.32 m)
17.00' (5.18 m)
7.33' (2.23 m)
2.50' (0.76 m)
4,200 lb (1,905 kg)
Sail Area: 
208.00 ft² (19.32 m²)
Sail Area/Displacement: 
1,600 lb (726 kg)
Sail Area (main): 
116.41 ft² (10.81 m²)
Sail Area (fore): 
91.88 ft² (8.54 m²)
P measurement: 
21.82' (6.65 m)
E measurement: 
10.67' (3.25 m)
I measurement: 
24.50' (7.47 m)
J measurement: 
7.50' (2.29 m)
Forestay length: 
25.62' (7.81 m)

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Hi there I'm looking at a c force and have a quick question for you and noticed that you were one of the original builders of this boat I'm looking at buying a 22 to 26 foot sailboat to sail around the world what is your opinion on the Seaforth 24 with its construction and being durable enough to sail around the world? Of course I would outfit her appropriately for blue water as well thanks Brian

As the designer of your boat I would love to have a sailing photo of her !! The hull color is really great looking on the boat. By any chance is that the original hull color? I do remember one of the very early builds as this color and wonder if I saw her built there in Sarasota. My boatyard was just behind the original location where we first built the Seaforth boats in 1977. Regards, Stephen Seaton

Greetings Mr. Seaton. I just thought I’d come by and mention that this vessel has turned out to be more than anyone could expect from a pocket sailor. She’s truly meant to be a blue water vessel. Doesn’t allow it’s size to fool anyone with her sturdy build and reliability. We recently rescued one as of 2021 and honestly it’s been an honor to work with such a design.

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